(Un)traditional Cracow

I’ve been neglecting this blog for some time – time to make it up and dump some photos!

Starting with a visit to Cracow in February. During my short stay there, I’ve visited the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology. There are some really nice exhibitions there – both permanent and temporary.

I really liked the traditional clothes and masks on display there, the effort put into making them was clearly visible:


Then there was a temporary exhibition of a young (I assume – based on the number of male genitalia in his art) Japanese artist, Takayuki Hara. Most of the artwork seemed to have been made with pens, markers and such. Like scribbles of a student bored during lectures. The quality and subject varied a lot, but here are some I liked the most (or they were just funny/cute to photograph, it’s boring to photograph a drawing…):

Last but not least were two temporary exhibitions in a building next to the main museum. One was compromised of a huge array of… keyboard keys. Different shapes, colors, layouts, wear, etc. The name of this exhibition was Trace. The effect was quite fascinating:

The second exhibition was about QR codes and embedding them into everyday objects… or so I remember. Upon entering the room, you received a tablet and your task was to scan any QR code you wanted and discover the text behind it. I think in all cases it was some sort of poem or other text that didn’t quite make sense to my pragmatic and scientific midn ;P But the items gathered in this exhibition were excellent subjects to photograph 😀

The other museum I visited was the Nation Museum – they had an exhibition with clothes and fashion accessories from Communist Poland (aka PRL). Some of them were really peculiar and bizzare – too bad I didn’t take more pictures of them but it was hard to capture their uniqueness in a photo.

That’s it for now. Next up – night photography from the highest building in Poland!

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