Orlando – the land of theme parks

At the end of this summer I got to visit Orlando – as it turns out it’s filled to the brim with theme parks, alligators, malls and… not much else 😀 But I took a quick(-ish) tour and drove to Miami to buy a camera I had my eyes on for a long time. I don’t have any photos from Miami though – by the time I finally settled in and finalized the purchase, it was very late and I still had to charge the battery for the new camera. So I used my trusty Fujifilm X100S instead… except that I later lost those photos when moving files to a new laptop. Eh, you lose some, you win some.

Thankfully the new camera provided great photos from Orlando, so no use crying – might be a good excuse to visit some of the attractions I’ve visited there again (like the awesome Kennedy Space Center!).

Took the new camera for a spin in Disney Springs – a shopping… district/street/area at the edge of Disney World. It’s full of shops that are designed to make kids go crazy and beg their parents to buy all the things… though, can’t deny that some things were tempting for me as well (LEGO! Weird Coca-Cola shop?!).

Next up was Universal Studios – more accurately, the Harry Potter World part of it! We had the Diagonal Alley all to ourselves and the whole area was really well made. There were many shops mentioned in the books and movies – unfortunately, they usually sold the usual Chinese crap, but still – great place for taking photos. And there was a life-sized dragon on top of Gringott’s Bank that breathed fire every few minutes!

Short entry this time – next up I’m hoping to share some photos of my awesome coworkers I got to meet during this visit. Stay tuned!

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  1. Od środy zżera mnie ciekawość… Statystyki mojej strony pokazują, że miałam jakiegoś czytelnika z Krainy Lodu i tak się zastanawiam czy to byłeś Ty… A jeśli tak, to co myślisz… Tymczasem pozdrawiam, razem ze spóźnionymi, (ale mimo to najlepszymi) życzeniami 😉


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