Sunny Whistler

I’m going to break the pattern here a bit and take advantage of the fact that I’ve recently re-visited Whistler to showcase how a location changes depending on many factors… First of all, I’ve visited almost exactly the same time of the year – the biggest change, I think, was the weather. Whereas last year it was mostly foggy and rainy, this year it was the opposite – almost all days were sunny, with only a bit of rain at the end of my visit.

As a result I was able to appreciate more the sights and the surrounding mountains. Not sure if that translated to better photos, but certainly I was able to appreciate the views in a different way and notice things I have noticed on my previous visit.

Thanks to the better weather I was able to explore the Whistler and Blackcomb villages too:

Last year I went ziplining for the first time – this year, I was back for more, this time the most extreme version: The Sasquatch. It’s the longest zipline in North America – it’s over 2 kilometres long! The peak speed is ~120 km/h (according to my GPS watch) – and, honestly, it’s too much. It’s hard to appreciate the scenery (and it is beautiful) when the air pressure from the speed is so overwhelming. I’m glad I did this one, but overall The Eagle Tour from last year is much more recommended.

Hope you enjoyed this different perspective – next time we’re back to going through my long backlog chronologically…


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