Keep off the grass

I’ve recently had the chance to visit Amsterdam. I’ve had high hopes for the city – it seemed a heaven for a bicycle lover such as me! Alas… Bicycles are so popular there for a simple reason – it’s convenient to move around the city centre on them. That’s that – the infrastructure (cycling roads, lights, etc.) is no different than in Wrocław (or even worse…). And the culture on the road is… let’s say, lacking. The cyclists “rule” in the city centre. Try crossing a road – you can safely ignore cars and trams, there are only few of those and they generally drive cautiously. Cyclists on the other hand speed by like everyone should get out of their way. And you often have to – otherwise a crash is inevitable, because they’d rather ran you over then brake. Of course, not all of them, but enough to deter me from renting a bike there and experiencing the city on bike :/ I’m bitter because I’m an avid cyclist myself and like to think that I’m respectful to others on the road – and would love others to do the same. I was hoping this would be the case in Amsterdam, but I was hugely disappointed.

The city itself is definitely worth exploring – the week I was there was not enough, especially since I was mostly there for work.

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